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Baseball School and Baseball Camp Information


From high school and college recruiting to pro ball our baseball camps and coaches help our players succeed on all levels…

South Florida Baseball School is a top baseball training facility and camp in South Florida offering private coaching, pitching instruction, hitting instruction, fielding, team work-outs, hitting clinics, recruiting videos, consulting, showcases, baseball player evaluations and special events for players at all levels.

Based in Pompano Beach, our baseball school and camp is South Florida’s leader in training and promoting high school baseball prospects to college coaches and scouts. We are focused on coaching and training young baseball players and to assist them in getting into the best college and professional programs possible.

We create baseball recruiting videos that get players noticed by college scouts and pro scouts. We have tremendous connections at all levels of collegiate and pro baseball and our camps and training programs help groom our players to excel at the next level.

Our graduates currently play in NCAA division 1, 2 and division 3 colleges for teams including the University of Miami, FSU, U of F, Stanford, and more as well as in A, AA, AAA and Major League Baseball teams including the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Oakland A’s, Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals and many other organizations, a who’s who of pro baseball.

We also have a travel team, the ‘Anglers’ and coach players how to transition from little league to travel league baseball.

Led by top tier pro baseball coaches who have played at high levels of professional and collegiate baseball, including the MLB, South Florida Baseball School is here to teach our players the fundamentals of the game all the way through advanced instruction.

In addition, we run frequent specialty baseball camps. Check the website for upcoming camps.

We also run a softball school to help young women be the best softball players they can be on all levels of playing. Our softball school teaches the fundamentals of catching, pitching, left slapping, fielding, hitting, throwing mechanics, base running and more. We also include video valuations for our students.

If you are a baseball player, softball player or parent and want to find out more, click here or call us at the number below. We are based in Pompano Beach and help players from Davie to Delray Beach, Boca Raton to West Palm Beach and everywhere in between.

If you are a college scout or recruiter looking for new baseball prospects for your college team, contact us:

Coach Bruce Charlebois
President/ Head Instructor South Florida Baseball School
Pompano Beach, Florida